Specialist Dry Cleaning


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Wedding Gowns

Take the best care with the most important dress you will ever wear!

Many women examine their wedding gown after the wedding and seeing no obvious staining they simply pack the dress away in the loft or wardrobe. What they are unaware of is that stains (often not visible on inspection) will, over time, age and discolour the delicate fabrics. Did you know that:-

  • Food stains can attract insects
  • Sugar stains created by spills of alcohol and soft drinks may dry clear but if left untreated, will over time turn brown and be extremely difficult and in some cases impossible to remove
  • Perspiration stains and body oils can oxidise and turn yellow
  • exposure to light can damage and discolour the material.

The memory of your special day will last your lifetime and so can your gown. It can look as good as it did on your special day with Alenco wedding dress cleaning service. At Alenco all gowns are sent for a specialist clean where a detailed examination is carried out to classify stains so they can be treated correctly. The most advanced processes are then used to gently clean and preserve your gown. It is then traditionally pressed by hand with each layer and fold receiving the same careful attention.

Leather, Suede and Sheepskin

It is important to bear in mind that these materials are a natural product and that during the manufacture of these garments the skins are altered to enhance their appearance. In order to reduce the risk of damage, shrinkage and colour loss it is necessary that they receive a delicate specialist clean.

Although Alenco specialist dry cleaning cannot guarantee that your leather, suede or sheepskin garment will not be slightly altered when cleaned it can substantially reduce the risks

Formal Wear

We all have that special dress that hides in the back of our wardrobe and comes out for special occasions. Often embellished or made with delicate fabrics we strongly recommend these items are given the specialised cleaning service they deserve.

Our specialist cleaning process is designed for delicate materials including “F” clean garments to protect your beading and sequins. Keep your special dress looking great and bring it to Alenco for the TLC it deserves.