Alenco Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Ironing Services

Most kids dream about someday wearing a fireman’s uniform. Dave dreamed about someday cleaning it. You see, Dave’s family has been in the dry cleaning business since 1958.
From poodle skirts, zoot suits and flappers to miniskirts, leisure suits and rappers, we’ve been cleaning them all. Dave has the experience to know what customers want and how to give it to them Perfectly.
We are an independent dry cleaners located in front of Castle Leisure Centre in Bury and are proud to be the favourite for locals for the last 60 years.

Alenco specialises in Leather, Suede & Sheep skin cleaning. Our services include curtain cleaning, silk & wedding dresses cleaning and drop and go service wash. We can ensure that all your fabric is cared for properly and looking great.

Alenco goes beyond traditional dry cleaning services, offering you all the clothing alterations and repairs you might need. Whether you need a dress tucking in at the waist, an elbow patch repaired on a suit or anything else, we offer all the help you need!

Our services are trusted by people from all over the community, thanks to our years of commitment to the area. We offer professional and convenient laundry services, ideal for all kinds of clothes. We’ll wash, iron and fold your clothes, saving you time and hassle during your busy week.

Our specialist cleaning process is designed for delicate materials including “F” clean garments to protect your beading and sequins. Keep your special dress looking great and bring it to Alenco for the TLC it deserves.

At Alenco, we have been providing locals with expert dry cleaning services for more than 60 years. With our professional equipment and expertise, we can ensure your clothing and fabrics are cleaned without causing any damage whatsoever.

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Regular laundry services are available, too. Come by on a set time each week and we can guarantee your clothing washed and ready for the previously agreed time! We’re happy to offer advice regarding stains and dry clean only clothing.